Our AI powered cloud server monitoring platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and report problems in your cloud and website platforms

Why you need cloud server monitoring?

SynergyIT’s cloud server monitoring Log Management simplifies the collection, retention and analysis of logs, helping you to improve your security and fulfill key compliance mandates such as PCI DSS. Log management is a requirement for most compliance specification and is a best practice in the detection and remediation of threats. Our cloud server monitoring carries out advanced log data analysis to identify and warn you of potential threats to your organization.

Security Risk Management

Cloud Server Monitoring

Working smoothly with AWS, Azure, and other cloud-based services with enhanced security features, We provides real-time visualization to identify issues, root causes, and resolve security threats quickly. It leverages activity-monitoring APIs from cloud application vendors for the new level of transparency. Customers can merge activity logs from other cloud solutions (including in-house systems) to create one cloud security platform. Customers can also create flexible reports, dashboards, and security and compliance solutions based on rules, variances, and machine learning from professional services/partners who already use our services.

SynergyIT’ cloud server monitoring is a cloud-native secure platform for real-time machine data analytics. Using the AWS infrastructure,We delivers these security and compliance standards to protect customer data:

– PCI DSS 3.0 Service Provider Level 1 Certification
– ISO 27001 Certification
– CSA STAR Certification
– SOC 2 Type II & HIPAA Compliance Attestation
– 256 AES Encryption at Rest; TLS Encryption in Transit
– U.S. EU Safe Harbor framework

Web APP Security Monitoring

When you monitor your applications with us, you have access to an all-encompassing program with multiple integrated scanning technologies for more accurate results. our platform also includes solutions for dynamic/static testing, software composition analysis, and third-party security assessment.

We provide our clients with experts in program management and appl security who will help analyze your website inventory and their potential vulnerabilities, redefine policy and recurring processes for security improvement, and report application risks through an ongoing benchmarking and security recommendation process. During the M&A process, we can identify legacy websites that should be shut down or secured, or assess another company’s security as part of the due diligence process.

Best Practices for Web App Monitoring
The infrastructure of modern web applications brings a new set of challenges for monitoring performance and availability. Newer applications have higher traffic and reliability requirements than their predecessors, and monitoring solutions need to be equipped to handle higher volume and presenting real-time data while proactively alerting teams about issues.

Key Metrics

  • RED
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  • Log Monitoring
  • Error Monitoring

24/7 Log Monitoring Alerts

Real-time Inactivity Alerting Inactivity Alerting Know about events that do not occur with Inactivity Alerting Logentries Inactivity Alerting monitors incoming log events and patterns to ensure that your critical systems and applications are still running as expected – like a heart beat. Logentries users know right away if application components suddenly fail; if credit cards are not being processed; or if website traffic halts unexpectedly, all within seconds. With Inactivity Alerting, users can create real-time notifications based on the absence of expected events or a shift in system behavior patterns in order to identify and resolve the issue before it develops further.
Using Logentries Inactivity Alerting, you can:

  • Monitor specific incoming log events and patterns, and receive real-time alerts on inactivity or system behavior changes.
  • Monitor systems for server performance issues, failed processes or configuration issues based on a string or pattern of log event
    Monitor application availability 24/7.

Three Flexible Packages

Your support spend doesn’t have to grow with your infrastructure. Our pricing model helps businesses allocate spending on new technologies rather than focusing on support for existing ones. It’s tangible impact you will notice.

If you have any further question about cloud server monitoring or need technical support, Synergy IT Solutions is only a call away. Call toll-free at 866-966-8311 to learn more about how Synergy can safeguard your business providing the best managed IT services.

Support for up-to 5 users,
for businesses that do not currently use a server.

Support for up-to 15 users,
and businesses relying on a single server.

Support for 16-30 users,
and businesses relying on multiple servers.

cloud server monitoring

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