How can data governance aid cybersecurity initiatives?

Data governance and managed security • November 18, 2019

Data governance and managed security

Cyber security has become a widespread phenomenon across the globe due to increasing digitization. Although digitization has immense potential to ease the workload of businesses, cyber-crime is a significant drawback, leading to the data breach, and a lot more. It can destroy a business badly in terms of reputation or monetary loss. As enterprises are moving towards IT adoption trend to enhance their business growth, Data governance and managed security have become the need of the hour.
Data is undoubtedly an integral part that needs to be secured, and so even the government has introduced a method to protect the data, which is known as data governance.

What is data governance?

Data governance is the policy that is entitled to the overall management of the usability, integrity, availability, and security of data optimized in an organization. When you set up a DG program in your organization, it will introduce a governing body, set procedures, and a clear plan to execute them. The three pillars of data governance involve stewardship, quality, and management. This enables you to set standards, and procedures that ensure continuous compliance with managed security services and internal data policies and external government regulations and assures data is used consistently.

Do you treat the data as a corporate resource?

Every business should consider data as an integral part of their organization. Before adopting data loss protection solutions, enterprises should take preventive measures internally to protect the data. Make sure that you embrace Data governance and managed security services within the organization so that whosoever comes into contact with data is responsible for the creation, maintenance, storage, and protection of it. The primary step to protect your data is securing your network. You can implement next-generation network firewall security that will help you protect your data from hackers. This is either way, to stay one step ahead of your cyber criminals, enabling you to make secure digital transformations in your organization.

Where should data governance be located and should be educated on the same?

Data governance is typically located in the IT department as the technology is advancing, capturing, warehousing, storing, and data mapping, everything is accomplished online. You might have installed a cloud-ready firewall or total email protection or malware protection or antivirus protection. However, everything needs to be monitored appropriately, which is why enterprises can opt for Data governance and managed security.
But choosing the right company can be challenging as there many brands offering managed firewall security in Canada. Make sure that the company boast a vast industry experience and is well-recognized.