Build an end to end capability that meets business goals and transforms your Security risk management with full situational awareness. Better manage your risks, compliance and governance by teaming with our services experts

Cyber risk strategy and transformation

Security is regularly cited as the No. 1 board priority for enterprises and governments around the world. Highly publicized attacks and incidents on the global stage have clearly demonstrated that the wrong security and cyber risk strategy can result in loss of revenue and market capital. The skills gap keeps widening. Finding, hiring, training and retaining skilled employees are becoming ever more difficult. There just aren’t enough cyber security professionals to meet demand and stay current on the latest tools, tactics and techniques employed by cyber criminals.
Security Risk Management

We use a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection. Our diverse skill-sets and global resources enable our experts to manage projects from inception to completion. From securing counterfeit goods along the supply chain to running drills to protect executives in unstable locations, our prompt-response one-stop shop capability delivers the best services along the whole continuum of security risk management.

Our knowledge and insight translates into best practices and proven strategies that will help you anticipate and respond to a myriad of facility, operational, and employee safety challenges with confidence. We have tremendous depth of knowledge and experience in many fields of security risk management and security, like education, private sector, family office, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and energy.

Because security risks are interconnected and ever-evolving, count on us for expert advice on the widest range of security services to manage organizational or individual risks. We have global experience with private clients and businesses in virtually every industry and provide a wide range of risk mitigation services.

Risk management and compliance services from SynergyIT help you evaluate your existing security governance — including payment card industry (PCI) security, identity and IT regulatory compliance needs and gaps — against your business challenges, requirements, and objectives. Our skilled security specialists can offer a wide range of capabilities, including security program development, regulatory and standards compliance, and security education and training.

We Offer

  • Our Security Risk Management provides full strategic management of security risk and compliance.
  • We offers advisory and managed services to assess risks and to define and implement business-aligned strategies and plans.

  • We helps map your business requirements into a strategic security architecture, enable ongoing measurement and management of risk and compliance, and achieve full situational awareness and defense while optimizing your security budget.

  • Our Security Risk Management services include security strategy and transformation, risk and compliance management, enterprise security architecture, security awareness and cyber assurance.

  • Perform a security architecture and strategy review to enhance your security functionality, reduce operating costs and significantly reduce risk inherent in production systems, ensure data privacy and increase your ability to respond to and manage cyber attacks

  • Align your security strategy with business needs to protect sensitive data, guarantee compliance with local laws and security standards, and increase the maturity of security processes and governance with cost-effective security transformation and minimized delays

Security Risk Management

Our consultants can also review your security processes and artifacts and then design an architecture that mitigates risks, reduces operating costs and enables new business drivers and opportunities. You also benefit from our vendor-agnostic security solution advice and recommendations, deployment experience, best practice integration disciplines, and repeatable project

  • Advisory Services

    Our experts can help you identify and manage security risks, using a security architecture that enables full situational awareness. Our industry-certified professionals have extensive compliance expertise to advise on regulations and guidelines such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS and partner-specific accreditation, plus support training and certification programs for SANS and GIAC.

  • Risk and Compliance Management

    We helps you define and deploy a risk management framework that supports your business objectives and is aligned with the enterprise’s risk appetite.

  • Managed Services

    Consider how well your security strategy supports your business objectives and evaluate what concerns you most about your security posture and the threats you face. No matter what level of cyber security maturity you’ve achieved, or the size of your organization, We can help you establish a corporate cyber security reference architecture that supports your business objectives while managing security risks and handling sophisticated cyber attacks.

Three Flexible Packages

Your support spend doesn’t have to grow with your infrastructure. Our pricing model helps businesses allocate spending on new technologies rather than focusing on support for existing ones. It’s tangible impact you will notice.

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Support for up-to 5 users,
for businesses that do not currently use a server.

Support for up-to 15 users,
and businesses relying on a single server.

Support for 16-30 users,
and businesses relying on multiple servers.

SynergyIT managed security services

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