Multiple cloud solutions, hybrid environments and ecosystem complexity mean that very few organizations have a complete grasp of their cloud security posture. Organizations are struggling to address security challenges around identity and access control, monitoring and responding to threats, data leakage, governance, security skills shortages, and shadow IT adoption.

Security Across All Clouds

ur security engineers design security at scale and are experienced in creating HIPAA, SOC2, SOX and PCI-DSS compliant solutions while guiding you through the design, setup and audit process. We are focus on establishing a security baseline for customers, our cloud deployment experience includes firewalls, IDS, proxies, IPS, SIEM, VPC design, including multi-VPC design patterns; and multi-region redundancy, infrastructure for secrets management, DDoS Resiliency, building custom applications and guiding and implementing security strategies across multiple cloud platforms.
Cloud Security Service

We help you respond to these security concerns with a complete portfolio of advisory, stand-alone and end-to-end Managed Security Services. We have the capability, scale and global reach required to provide you with everything you need in one place to effectively manage your security across a hybrid cloud IT estate.

Whether you are just starting out on your migration to cloud, are re-evaluating the cloud architecture you’ve built, or have already reached a mature, agile DevSecOps position, we can help.

We Assess: A Cloud Security Assessment provides you with insight into your current or planned adoption of cloud computing.

We Advise:
Our Cloud Security Advisory services are based on more than a decade of helping clients adopt cloud security.

We Implement:
Our Cloud Protection Services offer a range of solutions for identity and access management, data protection, application security and infrastructure security.

We Operate:
To ensure the security of your cloud-based operations, our Cloud Security Monitoring solution makes security monitoring a key foundation of your cloud architecture. Our Cloud Security Services are delivered from our global network of security operations centers (SOCs) and can be accessed either via our wider our Cloud Platform (CCP), or as standalone services.

We Offer

  • Cloud-based intrusion detection and 24×7 security monitoring to identify and mitigate threats so that you are alerted as soon as a vulnerability is identified

  • Security and compliance for your applications and data in any public cloud platform, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

  • Our security scales as quickly as your business, whether it’s our elastic managed private cloud or hybrid cloud

  • Your web applications are safeguarded through our managed firewall delivered in a Security-as-a-Service model, which includes unified threat management features such as web filtering, advanced applications firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware scanning, and intrusions detection / protection systems

  • Our private WAN option further secures movement of your data and business communications, guaranteeing your data remains in Canada 100 per cent of the time, whether it’s in transit or at rest

  • Redundancy is supported through our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery capabilities

Virtual Protocol Network

The perimeter is gone. With more SaaS solutions and integrations being offered, your network isn’t confined to a set of local servers anymore. We offers protection for 20 million web applications across all types of connections. Let us take care of the security so you can get back to building experiences for your customers.

  • Protect Cloud Applications

    We accelerates and protects your cloud applications, both on the edge and at the origin.

  • Protect Cloud Connections

    We protect HTTP(s) protocols, but also TCP/UDP services, including SSH, SMTP, and SFTP.

  • Protect Cloud Access

    Our authentication and identity management keeps the right eyes on your data, without a VPN.

Three Flexible Packages

Your support spend doesn’t have to grow with your infrastructure. Our pricing model helps businesses allocate spending on new technologies rather than focusing on support for existing ones. It’s tangible impact you will notice.

If you have any further question about cloud security services or need technical support, Synergy IT Solutions is only a call away. Call toll-free at 866-966-8311 to learn more about how Synergy can safeguard your business providing the best managed IT services.

Support for up-to 5 users,
for businesses that do not currently use a server.

Support for up-to 15 users,
and businesses relying on a single server.

Support for 16-30 users,
and businesses relying on multiple servers.

SynergyIT managed security services

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